August 8th, 2006

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Morning all.
Thought I might post a current list of who is looking for stars....

Elder Star Applications (applied for a family and looking for an orphan to be their shadow star)
Star Orion: Bright Star: rphjas 48m/
Star Perseus: Bright Star: sakura_nek0 18f/
Star Phoenix: Bright Star: malicemadden 21f/
Star Aries: Bright Star: lunarwolf2002 28f/
Star Aquarius: Bright Star: ebony_jade 25f/

Shadow Star Applications (looking for a young star)
Star Lyra Shadow: faded_mist 14f
Star Sagiatarius Shadow: monkeyzrawesome 15f
Star Corvus Shadow: phoenixpaladin 16f

Young Star Applications (looking for a Family to Join)

hymmi_chan 14 years old, female.
himemiya_anthy 16 years old, female.
kawaii_bandgrl 16 years old, female.
pumpkin_queen16 18 (almost!!!) years old, female.


Phew! Okay what a mission trying to pair everyone up!!  I started matching peoples ages and interests...but so many people know each other so it made it hard.  Soooooo I ended pairing everyone up with someone they (hopefully) do not know at all (or have not got on their flist) with the exception of my own pairing with freysama (sorry dude, you got stuck with me!! -grin-)

Here are your new penpals!!!!

ailes_de_destin and pumpkin_queen16

sakuraflower and freysama

danaj and jihi_chan

rissabunny and lauchis

polyurethane and helldarkangel

flowed and kerunia

Okay, I REALLY hope I do an okay job.  There may be some age differences but hopefully not to large of a gap...and can ALWAYS learn something new.
And a friend is just a stranger you haven't met yet!

So get commenting on your penpals journal and ask for their mailing address!!

And instead of discussing who is going to write first, BOTH of you can send a letter at the same time so we all get a letter soon, okay?


(posted in both communities.. clow_ratings and ___guiding_star )

Any questions? Just drop me a comment or email. :)