August 2nd, 2006


wee~! ^^

hi everyone it's me again! ^^ it's officially august 3 in my place and since i'm still awake at this time and hour i might as well do this now or else i might forget it..XD

so here i am to announce the contest winner! yay! *throws confetti*

but first I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the contest and to those who voted. I hope you enjoyed this activity and hope to see you doing the next ones..^^

okay and the winner is


poem number seven which was made by sakura_nek0! wee~!


your poem will be placed in the info page of our community for every one to see..^^

so once again here is our big winner

A Journey in Four Parts
by sakura_nek0

Bright stars in the sky
Ever giving hope to us
Tells me I belong

Sparkle, shine, twinkle
Reflects in your longing eyes
Closeness beyond all

Describes the trust that is built
Guided by our care

Sincerely a promise
I will be myself for you
Always by your side


again, many thanks to everyone..^^

Lyra out.
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