July 21st, 2006


hello everyone! ^^

listen up everyone..^^ okay..i want everybody's opinion on this..i will be busy from july 24 up to the 2nd week of august..i already said that the contest is up to july 26..now here's the thing..i would still be able to facilitate the votation next week..but..if there are still a number of people who would like to join the contest but can't make it to the deadline (which is on july 26 my time, that would be july 25 in western countries..) i am willing to extend the deadline until i get through the first storm all my work..which will be around august 14..sooo..what do you guys wnat to do? do we go through with the contest votation next week or do we extend the contest and let others find their creative zones..? tell me what you guys think..this is a community thing so i thought it would just be right to ask you guys first..^^

oh yeah..as of now we have about 7 entries for the contest..^^

~ Star Lyra