July 18th, 2006

dance; this world
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"Guiding Star poem contest ~ Threefold"

Guide me
Under this darkened sky
Into that place lit with the
Dreams of our hearts;
Into that place where
Nothing breaks the
Gentle laughter, unvoiced
Silently sounded through eyes lips hands
Touched just barely with the sisterhood
At the heart of our hearts
Resting in the knowledge the we are, at last, at last, home.

Lalala. I feel accomplished. XD
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Guiding Star Poem!!

Wow!!! I haven't written anything for years! So please don't laugh at my attempt! Monica,my beautiful Star wrote such a beautiful one,so I thought being an Elder,I really should  have a go! OK here goes!
Undying love
Important to my life
Darkness lifts from above
Into my soul
Not a moment too soon
Giving me light

Shining bright like the moon
Trusting and caring
Always there by my side
Rewarding me with a friendship
So strong,I'm filled with pride.

Luffles Monica!!xxxx
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