July 16th, 2006

Nami -- heart

Guiding Star poem contest ~ Gems

Here's my try at the contest. Hope everyone likes it. ^_^

Oh, and a special thanks to sakuraflower for being such a great help. ^_^


Gems that are
Undiscovered, with
Innocent feelings
Destined to
Illustrious lives
Never alone
Going on ahead
Steadily moving
Tearful goodbyes
Ardent hellos
Revealing a never ending cycle.
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Dedicated to my shadow star, Kimberly

making another entry

Do your best!!!


Guide me well into the light

Undying love, no fear.

Intwined with shadows black and dark

Do you trust me to be near?

I love and trust with all my heart

Never a doubt shall rise

Guiding light is bright and clear

Surrounding the deep black skies

Then they shoot so quickly by

Among the heavens near

Really all I want to say is

Star you are my dear.

I had to put the 's' on the end cos my rhyming was in sets of four! gah!!!

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ok, kim and i are planning an activity. But right now i'm posting a poems for my auntie Jasmine...i'm really bad at this.

i'm not sure if these are even right....i don't know

Going, wandering, somewhere
I found you.
Intend to feel so close.
Never thought i'd
So attached
To you.
Relying on you.

Giving me love
Dana, my love
I know I'm lame
Never once stopped
Giving me strength
Sending me hope
Telling me that
All my problems
Really do fade