July 10th, 2006

Serious Face
  • _disi_


I'd just like to congratulate all of the members who have had a star burst in the last few weeks. I'm very proud of you all for finding that special star for you :)

Congratulations to Star Scorpii Shadow & Star Scorpii Light. You guys are a great match. Complete and utter lufflepuffs to you both. <3 Manders & Motobon.

Congratulations to Star Aquila Shadow & Star Aquila Light. Such a cute pairing, it's no surprise that you two latched onto each other. *love and hugs* Amy and Meg.

Congratulations to Star Draco Shadow & Star Draco Light. You guys are adorable. You girls will have such a fun time. Much love to you, Kimberly and Amber. *hugs*

And lastly but not least! Congratulations to my gorgeous girls Star Vela Shadow & Star Vela Light. You're both adorable and I wish I could be there to join in the fun. <3 Krissy & Remi <3

For all of the Star's that don't yet have a Young Star, here's the current list of orphans~~

reizan 15 years old, female.
hymmi_chan 14 years old, female.
himemiya_anthy 16 years old, female.
kerunia 17 years old, female.
kawaii_bandgrl 16 years old, female.

And for the cute little orphans, here's a list of Star's that are looking for you! :3

Shadow Star Applications
Star Lyra Shadow: faded_mist 14f
Star Cassiopeia Shadow: gekkonorondo 17f
Star Sagiatarius Shadow: monkeyzrawesome 15f
Star Corvus Shadow: phoenixpaladin 16f

Bright Star Applications
Star Orion: Bright Star: rphjas 48m/
Star Perseus: Bright Star: sakura_nek0 18f/
Star Phoenix: Bright Star: malicemadden 21f/
Star Delphinus: Bright Star: bellyra 29f/

Good luck everyone!

Much love.
Star Vela.