July 6th, 2006


Activity! From the book I'm currently reading.

OK well I've never posted an activity before and I really like the ones you all have been putting
(I cannot join the poetry for two reasons 1)i do not yet have a family 2)I'm bad at poetry)
Anyway, I decided to join the fun...
I'm reading the bestest book ever!! It's calles JPOD.... and It's hard to explain but if you want to know more ask... Or search for it.
Sorry I keep getting off track... but the activity is...

Living Carton Profile No.(place your #)


Name people actually use:
(Reason for unusual name people actually use:)
Name on birth certificate:
non-work e-name(s):
Prefered room temperature:
Most creative thing ever done:
Favorite Video game:
Preferred Simpsons character:
Preferred karaoke song:
(Reason for not having a favorite karaoke song:)
Food group most prevalent within cubical(life):

(Add two questions you feel significant to explain or further the anwsers above)

((First post will be an example and my own...))

I hope you will participate and enjoy this...read the book if you can too ^^!!
~Star hopeful Kerunia~
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