July 4th, 2006



Orpheus' Piece
by Riwa

Sweet melody fills the air,
To dance alone is so unfair.
Awaken the hearts of those who hears the
Rythmn of life, of friendship and of those who care.

Look how he tames even the wildest beast!
Yet the young ones keep listening to his piece
Reactions of people vary, but he is loved.
Atlast! a musician worthy of a god's creation.

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~ Star Lyra
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Happy 4th of July to all the American Stars! Hope you all have a great day,and really cool fireworks tonight!xxxxx
Luff to all!!xxx
Ps;I know we all post in our journals and comment regularly,but it would be nice if we all posted here a bit more too,*begs*,please??
Have a great day everyone!!
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