June 6th, 2006


Thought I’d post an updated list of all looking for a family to belong to….
That didn’t sound….right.

‘nways, here’s the list!

Here are the people that are looking for SHADOW/YOUNGER stars.

Star Delphinus: Bright Star: bellyra
Star Phoenix: Bright Star: malicemadden
Star Orion: Bright Star: rphjas 48m/
Shadow Star: rissabunny 15f/

Here are the orphan stars who are looking for a SHADOW or ELDER star.

kohakumiko 15 years old, female.
reizan 15 years old, female.
hymmi_chan 14 years old, female.
dinos_and_toast 15 years old, female.
himemiya_anthy 16 years old, female.
ailes_de_destin 15 years old, female.
kerunia 17 years old, female.
kawaii_bandgrl 16 years old, female.

As always, feel free to add any of these people to your own livejournal…or to your msn/yahoo/whatever. I’d like to do some kind of ACTIVITY so put your thinking caps on.

Any ideas can be either emailed to myself, Cari or Rissa (see userinfo page for details) or you can just reply to this post.

PS: I want to say how proud I am of everyone for getting along so well and having such a friendly environment here. (Yeah I know, I’m corny)


Star Draco