May 14th, 2006

**Star Burst**

I, Star Draco ( sakuraflower) wish to announce that crazy_bookworm will now be the Shadow Star of the Star Draco family. As a symbol of our acceptance, I give my star: Welcome to the Star Draco family!

(**note - the star isn't coming up...Cari can you fix this for me???)

In addition, I want to personally welcome my little star to my family.  We have been talking over email quite a bit lately and already I value her so much.  She has proven herself to be a wonderful caring and friendly young lady and will be a most welcome addition and  credit to the Star Draco family.  -hugs Kim-
Thankyou for saying 'yes' :):):)

(no subject)

Shooting star, across the sky
Tail bright, up so high

Shooting past the Milky Way
Into brightness of the day

Disappearing one by one
blackness stars to come undone

Yellow, orange taking place
of the darkness of deep space

Sun is rising, shining bright
To replace the fading night.