May 11th, 2006

Marisa - black and white

A lil about me~

1. Regardless of your 'real' age, what age do you 'see' yourself as and why?
I see myself as 18, either way.. Back then, a lot of people thought I was about that age, and I guess.. well.. no. I suppose I'd have to say maybe.. 21.. I'm sensible enough, but I can be a little silly. .. Does that make sense?

>: why couldn't you ask me what others see me as? lol..

2. Would you call your personality cute or crazy? Why?
I think I'd call it both, just because I go nuts sometimes..rather, most of my friends say I'm cute (which I deny) or crazy. :P I don't know how to answer "why". Go ask them!

3. Would you rather have a star that is all 'cutie cutie pie OMG HUG SQUISH' or a star that is 'yo, how you doin, waz up?' or a tar that is "Hi there, did you have a good day'?? And why?

ohmaigawd, a star that talks in ebonics? no thank you >: maybe for fun like I do once in a while, but, wow, scary... I'd rather have a star that was the "Hi there, did you have a good day?" but at the same time, with a little spunk.. :P I dunno. I don't want to say anything definite, or I'll scare 'em all off. >:

4. What kind of star will YOU be to your older/younger star?
Grawr, I want to be someone who's there to listen and help out as much as possible.. like a best friend/big sis or something of the sort... share interests, chat the night away, I dunno. Keep each other company. Good fluff like that.. 8D;;

5. What do you want to get from Guiding Star?
I want to meet more kinds of people, since I kind of migrated from soeur_system. >_>;;;;

Since I can start my own family now, I want to see what kind of a Star I can be to my victimChibi Hoshi :P

6. Which of the following mediums are you comfortable with your star contacting you by.... Email, Chat online, Phonecalls, Letters in the mail, meeting in real life

Actuallllyyyy.. all of those sound good. I usually don't know about e-mail, since it's a little slow. ;-;

I used to chat on the phone a lot and meet people. ;-; Meeting new friends is fun.. DX

7. Would you call yourself a confident person or someone who needs to boost their self esteem?
Well, actually, both. It really depends on the situation I'm in... Usually I seem confident, I suppose. >_>;;;

8. Name three things you enjoy doing most.
Durgh, 3 things only? That's harsh.

In no particular order: Singing, hanging out with close friends, voice acting.

I also like to build gundam models in my spare time (I'm a beginner! yay.).. and watch downloaded anime.. legally, of course. D: (and cosplay..)

But really, the most would have to just be SINGING DX !

9. Name three things that you like and dislike in a personality.

Like: I actually don't know what I like.. well... Patience, fun/wit (not the really out of place kind >: ), loyalty/honesty

Dislike: Irresponsibility, immaturity, hyperbolic (kind of like one of those super super super fangirls you see at conventions/braggers)

10. Name one thing that makes you Unique.
I guess it'd have to be my singing.. jkjk.

I can't say for sure, because.. I'm not so sure.. lol.

You'd have to ask all my friends about that, really...
Maybe it's that I always try to be there for my close friends. iuno. D:

I like to make lots of facies? jk..