May 10th, 2006


Young Star Application

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I faded_mist wish to be accepted as a (Young Star) to any Bright Star or Shadow Star within this community. I promise to respect my Elder Star, uphold the family integrity, and help and guide my family wherever necessary.

My name is: Gail (in RL)/ Al (short for Alurine Shadowsong, OL)

Interests I would like to share with my family are: For a short summary, please check my user profile desu~ Basically, I haven't been in the soeur_system to have everyone know me. ^^ I followed the link in the journal of my dear friend reizan (someone adopt her, ne...) and somehow ended up here. I've been a crazed anime fan since I was a kiddie :D Yaoi are my favorite couples, but I could also go with hetero. PS2 games are luv...especially Kingdom Hearts <3< I CG or make avatars/signatures/banners in my spare time, but I rarely make them for someone else (because I'm not good enough, LOL). I suffer from problems in my family, usually, but at some point, you get used to it ;) Writing original fictions (animanga <3) keep me going but i stop midway because I lose conviction :( Reading fanfictions, on the other hand, help pass the days away. XDD

I only have my Yahoo ID and my e-mail *sweats*

I think there are some things that I totally don't understand here.@@ But I shall give it a shot ^^

My age is: currently 14. On 11/11 this year, I turn 15. ^^

The right to accept an invitation to join any family is mine to refuse or accept.
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..uhh.. Get to know thing.

I should be more active in this comm, shouldn't I? XD

1. Regardless of your 'real' age, what age do you 'see' yourself as and why?
14. That is, I AM 14(turning 15 this year). And I feel 14. I can be rebellious, and for my parents, always so. I feel and want to be older sometimes, but my immaturity constantly makes me realizes how young I am. I'm not much of a preppy teen, but 14 should be good enough.

2. Would you call your personality cute or crazy? Why?
Neither? Both? XD You tell me.

3. Would you rather have a star that is all 'cutie cutie pie OMG HUG SQUISH' or a star that is 'yo, how you doin, waz up?' or a star that is "Hi there, did you have a good day'?? And why?
All and neither. I want a star that's the mix of three, but not too much of any of the choices.

4. What kind of star will YOU be to your older/younger star?
I think I'll be a very caring star XD I get attached to people, so I'll give her/him everything I've got XD

5. What do you want to get from Guiding Star?
Hrm. Uhh. This one's hard. Basically, I just want her/himself XD

6. Which of the following mediums are you comfortable with your star contacting you by.... Email, Chat online, Phonecalls, Letters in the mail, meeting in real life.
All of the above XD Emails, chatting online, phonecalls, mail. I think it's very hard meeting in RL unless you live near me. But also, I'd like to meet mienai_hoshi and cruel_claire as we all live near XD

7. Would you call yourself a confident person or someone who needs to boost their self esteem?
The second. I used to be the first, but somehow I got reverted at around 3rd grade o__O; I can be really insecure sometimes, so I need someone who understands that.

8. Name three things you enjoy doing most.
Drawing, Just hanging out and having fun(whether in RL or online), and reading Manga, i guess XD I love Shoujo manga, if it isn't obvious enough XD

9. Name three things that you like and dislike in a personality.
I like people who have some sense. People who are intelligent, even in different ways than normal. People who would try to understand me and not get offended when I get into one of my spontaneous bad moods. I dislike people who are close-minded, who are reserved, and who are too...uhm. Hyper? As in "OmG I LyK hIm sooooooooooooooo MuCH."-hyper. Complete with alternate capital letters and bold text.

10. Name one thing that makes you Unique.
Unique? Hrm. I'm reizan, tell me that's not unique and I'll stab you with a bread knife! XD