April 24th, 2006


Ok everyone! It's mission time!

I know none of us have older stars yet, so my first challenge to everyone out there is to make a personal ad.

I know we've all been doing comics as of late *looks at _disi and sakuraflower* So I want them to be drawn by hand/computer/by YOU. Period! You don't have to be a good artist, lord knows I'm not. Make it silly, serious, however you want! Just make it a personal ad!

For an example, here is mine:

Collapse )

Good luck, girls (Are there even any boys here?)
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Of course this is in the userinfo page, but as more and more people add, I just want to keep everyone up to date :)

Star Families
Star Vela: Bright Star: _disi_ /
Star Draco: Bright Star: sakuraflower /
Star Lyra: Bright Star: cruel_claire /
Star Aquila: Bright Star: freysama /
Star Sagiatarius: Bright Star: danaj /
Star Scorpii: Bright Star: jyuufish /
Star Cassiopeia: Bright Star: mienai_hoshi /
Star Corvus: Bright Star: ladybrighid3333 /

Younger Star Applications
misha - pink

[Young Star Application]

I monkeyzrawesome wish to be accepted as a (Young Star) to any Bright Star or Shadow Star within this community. I promise to respect my Elder Star, uphold the family integrity, and help and guide my family where ever necessary.
My name is:Monica [Nic]
Interests I would like to share with my family are: I guess I like anime and manga, please check out my info page
My age is:15
The right to accept an invitation to join any family is mine to refuse or accept.