April 23rd, 2006

Only me with you

[Family Application]

I, ladybrighid3333, wish to start my own star family under the name of ~Star Corvus~(Crow Star). I will be held responsible for my family.
I promise to uphold our integrity, act as a role model for my young star, and help and guide him/her wherever necessary.

I will consider any member of this community who wishes to become my Young Star – however the choice to accept or not accept any applicant as my Young Star is mine, and mine alone.
My name is: Emmy
Interests that I wish to share with my family are: Openminded, kind, but smart. A willingness to learn and also to make a little mischief every once and awhile. Someone who is willing to support their family friends(I like saying 'friends' better cause they're adopted family) throughout changes. Someone who can be adaptable and get used to a Bright Star who is really a child at heart with frequent mood shifts. Also anything on my info...an interest in the metaphysical/occult/esoteric would be cool too, but that's just a bonus. ^_^ (yes now you see my childishness coming through ^_~)
Significance of Crows(kind of a nice summary of what I’m looking for, too): http://www.linsdomain.com/totems/pages/crow.htm
My age is: 18(as of yesterday ^^)
Nami -- heart

[Young Star Application]

I crazy_bookworm wish to be accepted as a (Young Star) to any Bright Star or Shadow Star within this community. I promise to respect my Elder Star, uphold the family integrity, and help and guide my family where ever necessary.

My name is: Kim
Interests I would like to share with my family are: Reading. I also have lots of other interests, but it's easier to check out my interests on my user info. ^_^
My age is: 15

The right to accept an invitation to join any family is mine to refuse or accept.
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