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[Family Application]

I incisively wish to start my own star family under the name of Star Virgo. I will be held responsible for my family.
I promise to uphold our integrity, act as a role model for my young star, and help and guide him/her wherever necessary.

My name is: Meagan.
Interests that I wish to share with my family are: Lets seeeee, my interests are on my profile, but your best bet will probably be to go to my icons and check there. That's what I'm most interested in right now, to be honest. Video games, anime, music and so on. I want to like the same stuff so that we don't end up butting heads. Simple, I think.
My age is: Eighteen!

I will consider any member of this community who wishes to become my Young Star – however the choice to accept or not accept any applicant as my Young Star is mine, and mine alone.

Now I control my family. Gawd.
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