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[Activity] [Interviews - Part II]

All right! We had a small turn-out for this activity, but I'm just going to hope that a lot of out there just didn't exactly see the last post. In which case, you can just wait around until the next activity to participate in and have a grand ol' time here in ___guiding_star~! If you've any trouble in remembering exactly what this activity is all about (it was pretty straight forward, but I know that other things in life are important too), please refer to this post for further details.

Now, without further adieu, onto the activity! ♥

gekkonorondo - incisively
polyurethane - michiyo_mori
saraswathi - jihi_chan

1. If you have a family, what is it that about them that you absolutely love? If you don't, why are you looking specifically?
2. If you could steal a member of another person's family for a day, who would you take and why?
3. Each of us have something that we want to do with our lives, and we're aware that they change over time. Right now, what is the one thing that you want to do with your life?
4. Do you enjoy pajama parties?
5. What's your favourite pass-time?
6. Would you hang out with the gardener and his hose?
7. Create some of your own! ♥

With that, please get in contact with your assigned partner and have at 'er!

Oh, I almost forgot about this. Next Friday, I'll make a post, and you can post the answers to your interviews on there! :D

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