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[Activity] - [Interviews]

I know this is much later coming than I had originally intended, and told, but I've decided to start off our revitalization with a simple activity! I've seen this done in other communities similar to this one, so I figured that it could work out just as well here.

I've mentioned that it's really simple, and I mean it. This post is a sign-up post. Leave a comment on this post telling me that you'd like to participate. I'll leave sign-ups open for a week before closing it and beginning the process of actual planning. You'll be paired up with another member of the community and given a set of questions to ask each other. I'll give you another week after you've been given a partner to talk with them and ask them these questions, and anything else you may feel inclined to discover on your own.

I'm not strict enough to limit you to a set of questions, because I know you're all a bunch of creative people out there!

I'll be posting the questions in my next post when I've paired you all up. So with that, your friendly neighbouring moderator is checking out, hoping that this will be at least a slight success.

Thank you for the participating!

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