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notquitestamped, but yeah//There are the moments when I know it and the world revolves around us...

A hella freaking lot of prom pictures - brace yourself:

^ Lananh's totally hawt pre-prom hair. We told her she should've gone like that!

^ Tazzy digging through Deb's makeup

^ Deb curling my hair while I'm making faces at Taz. I'm a geisha!

^ Robin actually letting my mommy put makeup on her. She's a geisha, too!

^ The two sexiest babes around, only Robin's wearing this "What did you guys do to me...?" grin.

^ Justin being "emo," according to Doan. I think that blur is my daddy.

^ Matt posing against the Grecian column

^ The Phone Photo

^ Me, Doan, Lananh and Robin, after I figured out that I should turn in to match.

^ Doan and Justin

^ Matt and Lananh

^ Me and Dahveed

^ Robin and me in the bathroom of Mezzaluna

^ Doan and Taz in the bathroom of Mezzaluna

^ Jessica and Lananh in the bathroom of Mezzaluna

^ Chocolate fountain, bitches!

^ A really trippy picture of me and the oh-so-lovely Megley

^ Token pucker-up pose, wearing Matt's awesome shades

^ Elaine, Megan, Brian, Amalia, Jessica, and Robin, Amaliloo's eyes are a beautiful bright green!

^ Jessica and Brian in "THE cutest picture ever!" according to Idon'trememberanymore

^ Elaine and Mauro... headdancing?

^ Zach says, "I'm... too sexy for my shades, too sexy for my shades..."

^ Uh-huh, that's me and PIPER!!! Boy cleans up good, ha.

^ Blake and Taz. Blake is like the biggest sweetheart ever.

^ Damn, Nick's such a P-I-M-P!

^ After prom in the lobby, pretending to lick off Marshmallow body shimmer


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