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Malibu: Malibu is Beverly Hills on a beach. A place built on money, power, and prestige. So do you think you can handle Malibu?

The Residents: The teenage residents of Malibu are blessed with great looks, power, and huge trust funds. Well, most of them anyway. Some are outsiders brought to this elite town because of unusual circumstances. These select few rarely fit in. To fit in you need to have the hottest new luxury vehicle, the coolest clothes, and go to the best parties. Your appearance and your repuation is very important. So is your family name. Most parents let their kids do whatever they want as long as they don't tarnish the family name. And these kids take full advantage of their freedom.
boy at Reagan


So I applied forever ago, and was wondering what happened. Stamped? Something?
This looks like it was once a really active and cool community!
If it's dying, can I yoink it?
Or at least motivate the mods/members to revamp it again?

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