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Green Wing

Sweet Medicine

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Green Wing[ers]
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Green Wing was a British comedy for TV.


This LJ community is where the fans [Green Wingers]
can post anything about the show they want.


Plese don't promote your communities here unless it's
Green Wing related, otherwise it'll be deleted.

The Green Wing LiveJournal Community

The Green Wing LiveJournal Community

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Links :

Whiteboard Posts
> S2 Episode Six
> S2 Episode Seven

Fan sites
> Searing Idolatry searingidolatry
> Tamsin Greig Fansite call_me_daisy

lj communities
> ___spaced
> ___suewhite
> __carmac
> greenwingfics
> julianrhindtutt
> michellegomez
> mark_heap

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