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Fic: Questioning Is Not The Mode Of Conversation Among Gentlemen

Title: Questioning Is Not The Mode Of Conversation Among Gentlemen
Rating: PG-13 (swearing)
Characters: Caroline, Mac, Guy
Summary: "No, see, I don't think you're quite understanding the gravity of the situation. This isn't just any question, this is life or death. Millions of lives hang in the balance, all dependent upon your answer, so I'll say it again—if I ask you a question, will you answer it?"

Can I ask you a question?
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New Stephen Mangan Website!

Hi everyone! I have made a new fansite for Stephen Mangan as the old Moonfruit one disappeared and he definitely needs one because he is brilliant, so please go and check it out and let me know what you think. :)

Click Here!

If you're feeling especially keen it'd be lovely if you could join the forum too and get posting. :)

p.s: I know the Gallery link currently doesn't work - I should hopefully have it up tomorrow.
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New Steve Fansite - Help Needed!

I'm sure some of you will be aware that the awesome moonfruit.com fansite for Steve died a death some time ago (no idea why) so I'm in the process of making a new one because he definitely needs one! So if anyone has any pics/video clips/articles/scans they could give me I would be very grateful! Either leave links to them in the comments on here or send me a PM. I will give full credit to you on the site. Thanks!
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Reminder: Julian Rhind-Tutt is back playing a doctor (er, type) in Merlin at 17.50 today. From the looks of it, he's a baddie.

Apologies for not posting the reminder earlier, but anybody who misses this can catch up on iplayer, I guess.