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So, I've had an idea in my head for a while of a Green Wing/Scrubs crossover. I just thought it would be kind of hilarious to see how the casts of the different shows reacted to each other.

So far I've no real plot - basically, the Green Wing guys end up on Scrubs. It's a little like a student exchange thing, only doctors.

The one scene I've always had in my head is where Guy meets the Todd. That one I wrote earlier, when my boyfriend urged me to get started on the fic.

Guy wandered through reception, glaring at the grubby Americans.

“Hey, you’re one of those visiting doctors, right?”

Guy looked around, finding the source of the voice. A surgeon, in green scrubs, with a bandana on his head and an inane grin on his face. He was holding up his hand.

“British five.”

“You what? Oh...” gingerly, Guy returned the high five. The Todd snapped his fingers and grinned wider before walking off. Guy wiped his hand down the front of his labcoat, a disgusted expression on his face. “Tosser.”

I've got a few more vague ideas.  Maybe Elliot and Caroline checking each other's teeth for spinach (I can see them both being neurotic enough to do that).  Or JD and Dr Cox watching Sue White walk across the corridor in a fish suit or riding a camel or something.  JD originally assumes it's one of his weird daydreams until Dr Cox reveals that he can see it too.

Problem is, this is only really funny if it's perfectly in character, so I'd really appreciate any input.  I'm mostly only writing it because I'd love to watch ir.

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