April 1st, 2006

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Hello everyone, i'm new here, am a HUGE GW fan. I'm ordering the first series on dvd, i think it's a brilliant show and it never failed to make me laugh like a maniac, my favourite character is defintly Sue White, she's just so insane............. i also think the best bit in series one (or the bit that made me laugh the most) was when Joanna told Alan he had to be more spontaneous and the bit with the recorder was hilarious ><................. anyway just wanted to say hi ^^

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i'm a comment lurker.. so yes. hello. first post & all that jazz.

i skimmed back through, but don't think anyone posted the lovely long long GW feature from the Telegraph Magazine - dated March 18th.

so i scanned it for you all. it possibly contains spoilers have only skim read it.

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& there you go! ♥
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Hello all! I bring gifts of 12 Green Wing quotes icons.

A few from series 1 and some from last night's new episode - beware of spoilers if you haven't seen it yet.


Icons can be found here. Enjoy! :)
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big favour...

hello to all you lucky people
unfortunately i cant watch green wing for awhile :( and just wander if anyone was able to put last nights episode online?? pleaseandthankyou if anyone can

editty bitthank you tried torrents but i suck (dunno what im doing but i think my computer now hates me) but yeah got it anyways now :D yay
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Wow, my DVD came today!

I really have very little to say, I'm just hugely happy and surprised that it seems to have turned up two days early...? So hooray! There were a few outtakes on the cast/crew biographies but I was disappointed that there weren't more. But I just watched the commentary on episode five which was very funny. "Hair and sex is really what's it's about, this show..."

*is too pleased to think of anything else of value to say*
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Fanfiction (Repost)

I am still writing my fanfic "Never Say Never" It's a Mac/Caroline one and it is published on fanfiction.net and I will be posting it all there eventually. If you're interested here's the url: URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2810753/1/

If you read it, I would really appreciate any feeback. I need to give it the publicity here coz most of the people I've encountered on fanfiction.net don't really give things like GW fics the time of day. I don't mind if you're not interseted, I can understand.

SUMMARY: Mac and Caroline, meant to be? She'll wait for him forever and a day, he'll love her for longer. A Green Wing fic focusing on the Carmac relationship.


4th chapter now up: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2810753/4/
STH CHAPTER NOW UP: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2810753/5/