Fandom: Green Wing
Pairing: Mac/Guy
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 741
Summary: "You guys are so adorable," Boyce says, sweetness dripping from his voice. He leans his chin on his hand and blinks innocently at them.
Guy leans towards him in what he assumes is meant to be a threatening manner, and fixes him with a glare. "What do you know."
Author's Note: I have no idea if the GW fandom is still active on here, in fact it feels like it probably ISN'T, but I'm very into this show and these characters so who knows, maybe someone in the vast infitiy of the internet might want to read this.

Boyce is bored out of his mind. Stupid Statham having to get the stupid flu and not showing up to the stupid hospital. God.

It's less fun with no one to bother, Boyce muses to himself as he walks toward the cantine around lunchtime. The replacement radiology teacher is extraordinarily dull, but, unlike Statham, refuses to rise to any of Boyce's jabs. There's only so many times you can make a fart noise to no response before it gets really old.

Oh well, Statham is never out for more than a day or two, even when he's practically on his death bed he makes it a mission to be there as much as possible, and in the meantime...

Boyce enters the cantine at exactly the perfect time. Guy and Mac, excellent, are bickering over something or other at their table, as per usual, and it's the perfect opportunity. As Boyce approaches them, Guy scoffs loudly and crosses his arms in that way that he does when he's pretending not to be annoyed about something he really is. Mac snorts into his Lucozade and mutters something to him under his breath.

Boyce quietly slides into a seat a few tables away, still comfortably out of view but still within earshot. He's had a theory for a while, good a time as any to see if it holds any water, he supposes.

"Uh, yeah well fuck you too, twatty!"

"You first," Mac replies evenly (as if there's any other way he ever talks), and Boyce sees Guy aim a kick at him under the table.

"Shut up!"

"Or what?"

"You know 'or what', Ginger Dick!"

"You do know I'm not actually ginger, right?"

Boyce is getting bored, time to interject.

"What this then?" Guy is saying as Boyce walks over, tugging on a handful of Mac's hair hard enough to make him wince, only he doesn't. If anything, he looks pleased.

"That's kinky," Boyce says, sliding into the seat across from Guy, who instantly drops his hand back down and starts sputtering angrily.

"It's not — we're not — look, I don't know what you're implying but-"

"Sure, mate," Boyce interrupts, stealing a chip from Guy's tray and smirking.  "And I'm sure Mac has no idea what I'm talking about either."

"I'm afraid I don't know what you mean," Mac says in a voice somewhere between amusement and smugness.

Guy kicks him again.

Boyce snorts.

"You're a wanker," Guy says, pointing a finger at him.


Mac laughs again and Guy turns to him, annoyance written all over his vaguely donkey-like features. "I don't know what you're laughing at.

"Is it your face?" Mac suggests, eyebrows rising up in mock-surprise. "I think it might be."

"Fuck you, Mac."

"You guys are so adorable," Boyce says, sweetness dripping from his voice. He leans his chin on his hand and blinks innocently at them.

Guy leans towards him in what he assumes is meant to be a threatening manner, and fixes him with a glare. "What do you know."

Boyce leans towards him too. "Everything."

"Fuck off, you're bluffing."

"Okay then..." Boyce says, shrugging and slowly getting up from his chair. "Don't believe me. Staff closet," he coughs, loudly. "Well, tootaloo." He counts in his head as he begins to walk away. 5... 4... 3... 2...

"Alright fine, come back here!"

Boyce turns on his heel and sits back down, biting the inside of his mouth to stop from laughing.

Mac is still blissfully unbothered, draining the last of his drink and leaning back in his chair looking utterly neutral.

Guy is quite the opposite. "If you tell anyone, I will find you, and I will hurt you."

"So there is something to tell then?" Boyce asks excitedly. "Fuck yes, I knew it! That was a lucky guess!"

"You... knew..." Boyce can see the gears turning in Guy's head as Mac stifles laughter beside him. "You, you," he sputters, "Little cock!"

"Nah, save that for Mac," Boyce says, earning him a bark of laughter from Mac and a swiftly dodged punch from Guy. "Well, see ya then. Have fun in the closet. Hah, get it?"

He leaves before Guy can attempt to hurt him again, waggling his fingers at the doctor as he goes. He snorts as he hears their receding conversation.

"The fucking twat!"

"Clever, though."

"Oh, fuck you!"

"I'd love to, but it seems the staff closet has been compromised."

"You — fuck — Jesus Christ, Mac!"

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Help Stephen Mangan's new film get shown!

Steve is starring in a new film called Beyond The Pole which is getting a limited release next month, but the production company need help in convincing the cinema bookers that there's a demand for it to be in more cinemas. They need as many fans as possible to join the film's Facebook Page, so if you're feeling obliging it would be great if you could do so!

Here is a brief synopsis of the film, and the trailer:
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Caper Creative website; scans

Caper Creative did the Australian advertising and promotional campaign for both series of Green Wing, which were shown on UKTV. Their website has pictures of print ads, a media kit and promotional material.

I think I've already shared these before, but here are links to my scans about the show
tower bridge

green wing on

If you're in the United States and don't have a way to play Region 2 DVDs, or haven't yet acquired the episodes by *cough* other means, wander on over to Hulu. They've got all of series 1 and 2, as well as the special. They're tagged as "mature", so you need to set up an account before you can watch them.

ETA: And the US iTunes store has the Green Wing soundtrack.
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So, I've had an idea in my head for a while of a Green Wing/Scrubs crossover. I just thought it would be kind of hilarious to see how the casts of the different shows reacted to each other.

So far I've no real plot - basically, the Green Wing guys end up on Scrubs. It's a little like a student exchange thing, only doctors.

The one scene I've always had in my head is where Guy meets the Todd. That one I wrote earlier, when my boyfriend urged me to get started on the fic.

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I've got a few more vague ideas.  Maybe Elliot and Caroline checking each other's teeth for spinach (I can see them both being neurotic enough to do that).  Or JD and Dr Cox watching Sue White walk across the corridor in a fish suit or riding a camel or something.  JD originally assumes it's one of his weird daydreams until Dr Cox reveals that he can see it too.

Problem is, this is only really funny if it's perfectly in character, so I'd really appreciate any input.  I'm mostly only writing it because I'd love to watch ir.