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Help Stephen Mangan's new film get shown!

Steve is starring in a new film called Beyond The Pole which is getting a limited release next month, but the production company need help in convincing the cinema bookers that there's a demand for it to be in more cinemas. They need as many fans as possible to join the film's Facebook Page, so if you're feeling obliging it would be great if you could do so!

Here is a brief synopsis of the film, and the trailer:
Beyond the Pole is the story of the first Carbon Neutral, Vegetarian, Organic expedition to the North Pole. An extraordinarily dangerous expedition made extraordinarily more dangerous by the fact that the explorers attempting this feat are amateurs who have never done anything like this before.A kind of comedy adventure disaster road a land without roads.

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Caper Creative website; scans

Caper Creative did the Australian advertising and promotional campaign for both series of Green Wing, which were shown on UKTV. Their website has pictures of print ads, a media kit and promotional material.

I think I've already shared these before, but here are links to my scans about the show
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If you're in the United States and don't have a way to play Region 2 DVDs, or haven't yet acquired the episodes by *cough* other means, wander on over to Hulu. They've got all of series 1 and 2, as well as the special. They're tagged as "mature", so you need to set up an account before you can watch them.

ETA: And the US iTunes store has the Green Wing soundtrack.
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So, I've had an idea in my head for a while of a Green Wing/Scrubs crossover. I just thought it would be kind of hilarious to see how the casts of the different shows reacted to each other.

So far I've no real plot - basically, the Green Wing guys end up on Scrubs. It's a little like a student exchange thing, only doctors.

The one scene I've always had in my head is where Guy meets the Todd. That one I wrote earlier, when my boyfriend urged me to get started on the fic.

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I've got a few more vague ideas.  Maybe Elliot and Caroline checking each other's teeth for spinach (I can see them both being neurotic enough to do that).  Or JD and Dr Cox watching Sue White walk across the corridor in a fish suit or riding a camel or something.  JD originally assumes it's one of his weird daydreams until Dr Cox reveals that he can see it too.

Problem is, this is only really funny if it's perfectly in character, so I'd really appreciate any input.  I'm mostly only writing it because I'd love to watch ir.

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Fanfiction. And Charity.

Hi all, a while back I discovered the joys of Green Wing and wrote these four fics:

The Sue White Thing
Guy/Sue White NC-17 Warnings: Pure crack!
Sue White was hushing him, soothing him, telling him how hot he looked.

Coming Out as a Gay
Lyndon/Jake PG Note: Episode tag - 2.07, after Lyndon and Jake kiss to try to get rid of Joanna.
“I think it's important to make it look as realistic as possible, don't you?” Jake murmured. His eyes were on Lyndon's mouth. “In order to convince her, I mean.”

A Fourth Option
Alan/Boyce G Note: Episode tag - Special, because I wanted a happy ending.
They say your life flashes before your eyes when you’re about to die.

The Morning After the Morning After
Alan/Boyce NC-17 Note: After the auction.
Boyce perched on the workbench and gnawed on a fingernail, watching Statham from underneath his eyelashes.

For the next two days the last ever Sweet Charity auction is running, where fandom people offer songvids, fics, graphics, even crafts. The person who wins the bidding gets to choose what they want written/made for them, depending on what was offered.

All the money raised goes to RAINN

I am offering to write you a Green Wing fic with any pairing - het, slash, femslash, even threesome. I'll even do my best to write to your specification, if you know what you want (within reason). So if there's something you always wanted to see - a happy ending for Mac, Guy and Caroline, for example, you can go buy me *g*. For Charity.

(I have offered to write two fics from a choice of fandoms, which means the *two* top bidders each receive a fic.)

Or you could go look at what else is on offer, there's some awesomely talented people on offer. (nothing else GW related though. Click on the names for details of what they're offering, and to look at other catagories there's a strangely tiny drop down box above the names)

Thank you.