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We're GOREgous... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
We're GOREgous...are you?

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(no subject) [Jan. 19th, 2006|01:57 am]
We're GOREgous...are you?


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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(no subject) [Sep. 21st, 2005|01:35 pm]
We're GOREgous...are you?

I"m currently working on this picture in photoshop.

(all of us cartoon)Collapse )
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mod//sweet hair = sweet pictures ;) [Sep. 21st, 2005|12:14 am]
We're GOREgous...are you?

[I'm fuckin' |hothot]
[Listening to |La Guillotine]

.new hair and shit.Collapse )

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what up to new membersssss [Sep. 15th, 2005|09:36 am]
We're GOREgous...are you?

[I'm fuckin' |energeticenergetic]
[Listening to |THE mothafuckin AGONY SCENE]

apocolypselove has been auto-approved. Welcome. :) You can still post an app. if you want so we can get to know you and shit, but more than anything promote please ( only if you have sweet friends. haha.).


AND guess what guys...we now have 15 members so the auto-approve is OVER. From now on anyone who isnt already a member MUST submit an application to be reviewed by us cause were sick like that. ;]


Get it.


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mod//update [Sep. 9th, 2005|05:38 pm]
We're GOREgous...are you?

[I'm fuckin' |hyperhyper]
[Listening to |wtf coheeds metal now?! hellllllls]

my hair appt is tuesday morning. im psyched. expect a trish davis picture extravaganza. haha.
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Application [Sep. 7th, 2005|12:00 am]
We're GOREgous...are you?

[I'm fuckin' |amusedamused]
[Listening to |Vendetta Red - "Banshee Ballet"]

Blood and death, we will pay back the debt of this candy store of ours...Collapse )
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Ohhh shittttttttttt//Mod [Sep. 5th, 2005|11:31 pm]
We're GOREgous...are you?

[I'm fuckin' |blahblah]
[Listening to |"Attac"-30 Seconds to Mars]

brutal__romance  has been auto-approved. Welcome :) and post pics/art/writings/etc dear...


with that...lets all get activeeee. ;) hehe

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yo wut up im Steve jjahnnjnnnnnnnngn [Aug. 4th, 2005|03:48 pm]
We're GOREgous...are you?

Steve jahn?! thats me..
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(no subject) [Aug. 4th, 2005|12:17 pm]
We're GOREgous...are you?

yay for this community being active. thats always fun :D WOOO
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hi [Jul. 31st, 2005|05:54 pm]
We're GOREgous...are you?

[I'm fuckin' |happyhi]
[Listening to |hi]

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