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The Eagles Are Awesome

Sadly, Chelsea. I hate it, don't you?
Fourteen. Yeah, yeah, I know: I suck.
The shitty town of Maryland! Aren't you happy you asked?
4-what is your view on transubstantiation?
I don't really have an opinion. I know, that's kind of sad, but I don't really like to get involved or even have an opinion of such matters. I'm more of a go with the flow person. Plus, having a hardcore opinion in matters like that causes arguments, and I hate being stressed.
5-gender (just in case we cant tell by ur pictures)
Lol. Female. Though I seriously hope you would be able to decide that on your own.
6-if you could change your name, what would it be?
Well, today my best friends dad called me Torrence for no reason. But I guess if it had to be any other name, Leon. Then again, that is probably because I'm obsessed with Petshop of Horrors.
7-what is your dream pet?
Hmm. A Carchladon Megalodon. It's an ancient jurrasic shark, if you were wondering. I hope I'm not as boyish as I think this is making me sound to be. I've just always thought huge sharks were interesting.
8-best looking classic rock musician?
Hmm. Would someone kill me if I said Paul from The Beatles? I know, I know, everyone likes him, but hell... Who said I had to be a 'proper' individual all the damn time?
9-if you could have any pet who would it be?
A kitten. The ancient jurrasic shark is cool and all, but a kitten has less chances of not only surprising the crap out of me, but also has less chances of killing me.
10-if you could rid earth of any person who would it be?
UGH! GRETE! She's such a bitch. She'll talk to people lightly, get them to tell her what they like, and then falsely say she likes it to. Truth is, she lies to everyone about what she likes so everyone will like her. Hence why she's top popular girl, which I find incredibly stupid.
11-favorite actor/actress?
Justin Chatwin. <3
12-describe yourself in one word (think long and hard about this one. you need an impressive word)
Extremist, I suppose. I'm always doing something to make someone laugh, and I always pick dare in stupid games of truth or dare.
13- do you have dimples?
When I smile, if my teeth show. But I don't really 'do' open mouth smiles. So most of the time, no.
14- pick a number 1 through 8
Lol. Four.
15- come up with your own question and answer it.
Who two people of the opposite gender would I pick to be? Shane or Chad.
16- 3 or more pictures showing your cuteness or coolness
Get ready to be petrified with horror.

Black and white rule. <3

Stupid picture, but whatever.

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