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Application - The Eagles are Awesome

name Ashley C. Miles
age 19
location Metro Manila, Philippines
what is your view on transubstantiation? No Idea
gender (just in case we cant tell by ur picturess) Female
if you could change your name, what would it be? No need, I like my name just the way it is.
what is your dream pet? A Husky and an Eagle combined, long story.
best looking classic rock musician? I don't know anything about classic rock, I focus on modern rock.
if you could have any pet who would it be? Who? or What? rather, I'd say it would have to be a horse.
if you could rid earth of any person who would it be? Hilary Duff. Oh my God, she's the most annoying little preppy try-hard singer of all time. what's even worse is that she keeps on fighting all the other girls like Lindsay Lohan and Avril Lavigne (my 2 best idols) just to bring about fame to her. She's so annoying, she dosen't even know how to sing! She's pathetic, she's got those very large man shoulders on her... he he he... She's just the type of person that annoys me too much that i want to erase her... :)
favorite actor/actress? for the guy, Mark McLauchlin and for the gal, Lindsay Lohan. They're like the best looking celebs ever.
describe yourself in one word (think long and hard about this one. you need an impressive word) accidentproneous
do you have dimples? nope
pick a number 1 through 8 8, my fav number
come up with your own question and answer it. Do you agree on sex before marriage? Hell NO! (courtesy of my bestfriend)
3 or more pictures showing your cuteness or coolness

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