leah (i_violaceous) wrote in ___good_measure,


the eagles are awesome.


my name's leah.

i'm sixteen years old.

i live on long island (in new york) but enjoy the city muuuch more.

i have no idea what transubstantiation is, but was tempted to look it up on wikipedia to sound intelligent

i'm a girl but i'm told i'd make a better boy.

i'd definitely change my name to june.

a fish is my dream pet. i love them. they're cute, i think, and don't really require tons of attention.

paul mccartney, in his day, makes my mind go wild.

i'd have a colorful and large fish to keep in my room.

i don't really want to exterminate anyone from the earth.

my favorite actress is winona ryder, i think she's so beautiful and talented. bill murray is my prime leading man, and also my idol.

my one word is "sincere." because i mean everything i've ever said, and i like everything in my life to be real.

i do, in fact, have dimples.

i pick 3.

hey leah, didn't you plan your halloween costume for next year in advance?
why yes, i did. i'm going to be wearing a prom dress and a big sign reading "I'M SORRY!"
(i'm gonna be a formal apology.)

k, picture time.

sorry for the mirror thing.

dress i just bought.

my friends and i took some myspace-esque pictures.

i like pistachios.

eh, big weirdo.

ohhhh no, more mirrorshots.

guess that's about it...hope you liked. :)

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