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2-Age:13 (14 in...10 days)
3-Location:East coast Canada!
4-what is your view on transubstantiation?: I needed a dictionary to remember what it was. I really don't know. I don't have a view on it, I guess? Yes, we'll go with that.
5-gender (just in case we cant tell by ur picturess):I'm a girl. ^-^
6-if you could change your name, what would it be?: Tadako.

7-what is your dream pet?: One of those cute little doggies you can carry around in your purse.
8-best looking classic rock musician?: Classic rock? Does that mean oldies or is it a genre itself? ._. Er...let's say, David Bowie? *shrugs*
9-if you could have any pet who would it be?: I would keep Kyo-Chan as my pet. He would make a lovely pet.
10-if you could rid earth of any person who would it be?: Carrie Saunders. An old math teacher.
11-favorite actor/actress?: Dakota Fanning! That kid is so great, I hope she doesn't become jaded when she's older from being a child star.

12-describe yourself in one word (think long and hard about this one. you need an impressive word): Nymphet.
13- do you have dimples?: Nope.

14- pick a number 1 through 8: 7
15- come up with your own question and answer it: Um...how tall am I? 5'2"
16-3 or more pictures showing your cuteness or coolness:


And that's it! This was fun. ^^ I wonder if I'll get in...?


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