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the eagles are awesome

name Petra
age 18
location Czech Republic, Europe
what is your view on transubstantiation? Plush Safe He Think
gender Female
if you could change your name, what would it be? Emma
what is your dream pet? A black horse
best looking classic rock musician? Jim Morrison had his style!
if you could have any pet who would it be? Oh, I'd have a huge aquarium with sea horses!!
if you could rid earth of any person who would it be? I can't think of anyone right now, maybe when I was younger, I'd choose some of my former math teachers:)
favorite actor/actress? Morgan Freeman, Drew Barrymore
describe yourself in one word Artist
do you have dimples? I got one on my chin.
pick a number 1 through 8 I am very sorry about that, but I gotta choose 11, because it never failed..
come up with your own question and answer it. Do you have a cute pet as well? Oh, of course I do, I have a veiled chameleon called Hitchcock and he's the cutest and funniest animal I've ever seen, when he marches or climbs, he tries to look like a leaf and moves so funny!

These are clickable:

my smile

me wondering

me dancing or what:)

my dimple (the pic was taken right after i woke up)

Me and my chameleon Hitchcock, this was his first day with me.

And finally me and Hitchcock a few days ago.. can't you see I love him:)

Oh, and if you find some terrible english mistakes, please, forgive me, I'm a foreigner:)
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