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eh, wot?

The eagles are awesome.

Name- Danielle
Age- 19.
Location- A floodzone in New Jersey.
What is your view on transubstantiation? *darts under sofa*
Gender Female
If you could change your name, what would it be? Miss. Watson because I believe it is an extremely rad name.
What is your dream pet? An Emu. I shit you not, they're so cute.
Best looking classic rock musician? You have the strangest questions on your applications ever. Define classic rock, please. I'll be more than happy to answer after getting this clarification. It's very broad!
If you could have any pet who would it be? Haha. Who? Angelina Jolie because she is an amazing mass of sexual *ahem*... enough said.
If you could rid earth of any person who would it be? My rapist. His name is Richard. We can throw things at him, or shoot him in the head.
Favorite actor/actress? I love Judy Garland...
Describe yourself in one word (think long and hard about this one. you need an impressive word) Indulgent. I'm passionate, loud, and have a blatent disreguard for many inconsequential things, so I'm impulsive, and indulge in it often.
Do you have dimples? I have them if I smile a particular way. ^.^
pick a number 1 through 8 3, please.
come up with your own question and answer it.

Three random facts about myself:

  • I am a contortionist. No, really, I am.
  • I promote for clubs in NYC and live on the dancefloor.
  • I do not eat with metal utencils in my own home, and I eat in even numbers.
    3 or more pictures showing your cuteness or coolness.

    Me and garden gnomes. :D

    Being a diner-rat... in polaroids.

    ^.^ I am also wondering if you wanted to be community sisters...

    I run roughsexxx. Let me know. *^_^*
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