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1-name Spencer
2-age 17
3-location So Cal
4-what is your view on transubstantiation? Come on Lopey what Kinda question is that
5-gender (just in case we cant tell by ur pictures)Male, man, dude
6-if you could change your name, what would it be? I wouldn't change my name
7-what is your dream pet? a giant eagle
8-best looking classic rock musician? I ain't gay but I gotta say
9-if you could have any pet who would it be? a dog
10-if you could rid earth of any person who would it be? everyone has a right to life... J. Watson
11-favorite actor/actress?
12-describe yourself in one word (think long and hard about this one. you need an impressive word)Flaucinocipahilification
13- do you have dimples? nope
14- pick a number 1 through 8- 4
15- come up with your own question and answer it. Hey Spencer do you like girls? Yes I do
16-3 or more pictures showing your cuteness or coolness

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