kate*space*lynn*space*last name (verbal202236) wrote in ___goddamn,
kate*space*lynn*space*last name

im just now filling this out at 3am

name : kate
age : 20
location : sitting in a living room that in a matter of weeks will be mine watching some boys and mon pêche sleep
bands : this week its....spoon, the dandy warhols, metric, radiohead, ok go, eagles of death metal, queens of the stone age, th black keys, stars
movies : rushmore, the breakfast club, bottle rocket, wonderboys, ghostworld, american beauty, memento, usual suspects, punch drunk love, secretary, love liza, i heart huckabees, a clockwork orange, almost famous, being john malkovich, taxi driver, the big lebowski, heathers, brazil, the limey, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, magnolia , what about bob?, l.a. story, the hudsucker proxie, welcome to the dollhouse, manic.....i could go all day
books : the green book, throught the lookin glass, dolls eyes, zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, grimms fairy tales
songs : um.....heres the last cd i made ~
1. metric - london halflife
2. spoon - back to life
3. black motorcycle club - spread your love
4. elloit smith - jeleous guy
5. eagles of death metal - i only want you
6. eels - fresh feeling
7. the black keys - all hands against his own
8. m.i.a. - fire, fire
9. beck - novocaine
10. the noisettes - dont give up
11. iggy pop and the stooges - shake appeal
12. gnarles barkley - smiley faces
13. yeah yeah yeahs - black tongues
14. phantom planet - 8
15. kings of leon - razz
16. aesop rock - skip town
17. of montreal - in dreams i dance with you

color : green
food : carrots
actor/actress : greta garbo, jason schwartzman, maria bello, peter sarsgaard, maggie gyllenhaal, kevin spacey, trence stamp
likes : movies and music incase your stupid
dislikes: stupid people
annoyances :
1. people that slurp the last drop of soda off the rim of the can
2. people that think it is socialy acceptable to argue about world of warcraft while standing in line at goodberrys for black cherry walnut concrete
3. hillary duff

things that make you smile : old people that are very nonchalant
ow did you hear about this community? : i just found it
promote us to at least 3 people : okay
tell us something interesting about yourself : i work at harris tetter
alright, now tell us something really interesting : i am lacking pigment in my niples
humor us : this is a conversation the i had with my boyfriend dan while sitting in the theater waiting for the movie talladega nights to start......

dan : {says something assholish to me and makes me laugh....i think he called me a cold hearted bitch or something like that}
ME : what am i going to do with you? what am i going to do when your gone?!
dan : HA! {gets this your kidding look} your going to go on doing to same thing your doing right now.
ME : i see you everyday....{quiet little kid voice} you never know i might fall apart when you leave....
dan : HA! {still smiling in disbelief}
ME : i could....i might cry for days....{tried to say "i might just stop eating" but was interrupted by}
dan : wow that asian dude is buff!

anything else you want to say? : all the cream soda in canada is red which kinda bothers me


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