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In all probability, I won't post here (much). Here is an application.

Name: CollintheKiller!
Age: 17.
Location: Fuckin GA.

Bands (at least 5): Deftones, Danzig, Misfits, Tool, Rollins Band,Muse, Skrewdriver
Movies (at least 5): Full...Metal...Jacket, 6 String Samurai, Falling Down, Pulp Fiction, Jarhead
Books (at least 5): Choke, Jarhead, Generation Kill, most stuff by Henry Rollins, Charles Bukowski ( a few in particular), Shit that is not lame.
Songs (at least 5): Bored (Deftones), Still Don't Give A Fuck (Eminem), Thirteen (Danzig), Jerk Off (Tool), Jimmy (Tool), Hexagram (Deftones), Apocolypse Please (Muse), Gun In Mouth Blues (Rollins Band), Cop Killer (Bodycount), Blood & Honor (Skrewdriver), Fuckin misfits man. its all about the misfits.
Color(s): My favorite color is red, like the blood shed, from Kurt Cobain's head, when he shot himself dead.
Food: HELL YES! Fuckin eggsandgritsandbacon, man!
Actor/Actress: Chuck Norris. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could Chuck Norris?... All of it!

Likes: Wrestling (yeah the real kind not tv duh move out of the trailer), some drugs are pretty cool, intensity, weight training, friends, beer, bullets and broads. Oh, and sex. Lots and lots of sex. Not with ugly girls though.
Dislikes: Weakness, Mediocrity, Hypocrisy, fuckingbeingsuspendedfromschoolfor5fuckingdays, people who don't like me.
Annoyances (at least 3): hangovers, friends being too rapped up in girlfriends, coffee with too much sugar, the three stooges, FUCKING CHRISTMAS MUSIC GODAMMIT!, spaghetti
Things that make you smile (ditto): Girls crack me up sometimes, I swear. The first 30-45 minutes of being drunk. Chuck Norris jokes. Thinking about moving out. Thinking about people that I don't like getting hit in the side of the head with bricks and falling into a busy street only in time to be struck by a Greyhound bus.

[Type Away]
How did you hear about this community?: I just saw it, man!
Promote us to at least 3 people (we check): I'll put up some shit on my LJ. I have sooo many friends. I am soooo popular. Everyone loves,.e.e.e.e
Tell us something interesting about yourself: I cannot DIE! I'm serious. I've been this close ( _ ) so many times.
Alright, now tell us something really interesting: Get off my nuts.
Humor us (I don't care how but it better not suck):
Anything else you want to say?: I am the good one. I have sex with underage girls. CREEEEEEPY, HUH?

These are kind of old because I got drunk and lost my camera a few months ago.
post at least 6 CLEAR pictures of yourself:


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