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Name: Austin
Age: 18
Location: Vernon, B.C., Canada

Bands (at least 5): The Unicorns, Ima Robot, The Pixies, The Rubber Maids, The Posies, thebleedingalarm, Weezer, Radiohead
Movies (at least 5): American Werewolf in London, Wallace and Gromit (Both old and the new one), So I married an Axe Murderer, Pete's Meteor, Run Lola Run
Books (at least 5): 9/11 (Noam Chomsky), Stupid White Man (Michael Moore), Michael Moore is a big fat stupid white man (an interesting read), Charlotte's Web (E.B. White), Dave Berry is from Mars and Venus (Dave Berry)
Songs (at least 5): Dynomite (Ima Robot), Undone (Weezer), Solar Sister (The Posies), Keys (The Rubber Maids), Debasser (The Pixies), I was Born a Unicorn (The Unicorns)
Color(s): Orange, Pink
Food: anything without meat-ness (I'm a vegetarian) I like pasta a great deal.
Actor/Actress: Mike Myers/Caroline Rhea

Likes: Film, art, photography (I suck at it), music
Dislikes: English Class, Oranges (Allergies)
Annoyances (at least 3): people who try to push there beleifs on you, advertisements and corprate-ness
Things that make you smile (ditto): Making Films, Putting on shows with awesome bands, being able to break even after said awesome show.

[Type Away]
How did you hear about this community?: I searched interest for The Unicorns
Promote us to at least 3 people (we check):
Tell us something interesting about yourself: I like film and I promote music, I love orange, and orage food except oranges, and I love apple Anything.
Alright, now tell us something really interesting: My brothers are in the band The Rubber Maids. (
Humor us (I don't care how but it better not suck): In Canada we spell Humor with an extra u... humoUr
Anything else you want to say?:um... my humour wasn't funny and I feel bad about that. I'm a little sleepy... not that that's an excuse for not being funny... but I should go to bed. lol. Have fun reading this... and voting on me. I hope I get in... if not it's all good.

150 x 150:
post at least 6 CLEAR pictures of yourself:

Sorry my camera sucks very much.

Image hosted by
Hallowe'en. Tonight actually. I was a Maid.
Image hosted by
I'm a columnist for Off-Centre Magazine... that's a distro box.
Image hosted by
Little Ceaser is my Homie... but I hate his pizza.
Image hosted by
I <3 The Rubber Maids.
Image hosted by
Bankin' (well sittin' outside while someone else banks.)
Image hosted by
Dusting off Skylark for the party.

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