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Bands (at least 5):Rilo Kiley,The Honorary Title,Bright Eyes,The Postal Service,Head Automatica.
Movies (at least 5):Fox and Hound,Home Alone,About a Boy,Garden State,Cheaper by the Dozen.
Books (at least 5):I dont really read.
Songs (at least 5):Portions for Foxes,Honest Mistake,sugar,were going down,Lua,Reason to Celebrate.
Color(s):Blue,Yellow,Purple,light pink,brown,white,gray.
Food:Potatoes,pizza,ice cream,corn bread,meatloaf.
Actor/Actress:KEANU REEVES,jessica Simpson,Mary Kate Olson,Ryan Gosling,Ben Savage.

Likes:My dog,My silly style,scene kids(prettyness),the movies,my garden,thrift stores,starbucks,friends,boys.
Dislikes:My hair,noodles,mushrooms,yellow gatoraide.
Annoyances (at least 3):Simple Plan,chalk,hot topic,cat's,noodles,black coffee.
Things that make you smile (ditto):Fall out Boy,Lollypops,JENNY LEWIS.

[Type Away]
How did you hear about this community?:i was searching for cool new groups and then i saw __goddammn..and i was likw WHOA THATS A COOL WORD.and then i saw it and i started reading and posting comments..and stuff..and thats all.
Promote us to at least 3 people (we check):loruhh_x,traceratops,rilokiley.
Tell us something interesting about yourself:i an do the splits,i got my tonsels taken out,im obsessed with Jenny Lewis.
Alright, now tell us something really interesting:uhh the gas is really expensive,my dog tater is radd,did you know that they came out with not only fake nails..but fake toenails!!!eww,and uhmm i have flippin 8 siblings!
Humor us (I don't care how but it better not suck):i am not funny so i dont know what to put.i like it when my cool sister takes pictures of me on the grass although one time we went to take pictures and like she sat in dog shit and lik\e we were cracking up then she put her hand down to get up and her hand got in crap.then one time me and my sister were playing doctor mario,and we were fughting and stuff..and yeahh you ahd to be there.
Anything else you want to say?:i love youu.<33

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