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This is a community about looks and your opinions.
Also, about your talents and music.
We are honest.

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Applicant Rules
♥ You must apply after at least 2 days of joining or we will delete you.
♥If you are rejected and don't want to reapply, please leave the community.
♥ If you are rejected you may reapply once more with different pictures. But if you are rejected again please get the point and leave.
♥ Do not be mean to members or mods. or start drama... you will probably get banned.
♥ Do not post links as pictures.
♥ No nudity in pictures, kthanks.
♥ In the subject line put "Application" and in the lj-cut put "Do I stick?"
♥ You can promote, but if it gets out of hand then no more.
♥ Do not post in any other entry unless you're stamped.
♥ You must be at least 14 years old to apply.
♥ In the application you must bold all of the questions.

Member Rules
♥ Be active.
♥ When posting an entry put "stamped" in the subject line.
♥ Be honest.
♥ promote promote PROMOte
♥ and when voting on an application put your decision in the subject line.
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sexual preferance:
have a boyfriend/girfriend? [pics are nice]

Getting to know you
Fav bands[min of 5] :
Fav Movies[min of 5] :
Fav color:
Got AnyTalents? [pics?]
What's your lj name mean?

Make us laugh [a picture, a joke, anything..]
Go to google and type in your name and show us the best pic you found...
Why'd you wanna be in the community?
What do you think about the mods?
Promote in your journal and in a friend's journal[show the links]

Pictures.[min of 3. must have one body shot]

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This week's theme is pics of you in your favorite outfit.

Scavenger Hunt
The Rules: Either find pictures of the items listed below online or take pictures of them. For everyone you take a picture of yourself you get 2 extra points for. So label the ones you take a picture of.
1.a blue purse
2.your favorite CD
4.a penguin
6.a cute kid
7.a baloon
8.Vanilla Frappuccino

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Theme --- +15
Picture post --- +10
Scavenger Hunt --- +15
Promotion --- +5(per link)
Make a banner --- +20

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