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Glitterify me.
Welcome to Glitterify me. This community is for Free graphics such as Layouts, icons, and glitternames. They are all free and can be requested. sometimes i will, however post a few premades. so scroll down a bit for the rules and get started!
oo1. You must join before you can request ANYTHING and i will check.
oo2. you must have your link ready to the font/glitterfill you want. (if you dont know what these are, ask me)
oo3. Use the request forms below. Dont altar them in any way. use these in a separate post.
oo4. YOU MUST CREDIT. I do these for free, but i need credit because i need other people to request my forms. (there is a credit code that you should copy and paste right after your graphic or in your userinfo below)
oo5. you may ONLY request once every week. no more than 2 glitternames/request; no more than 1 layout/request; no more than 4 icons/request.
oo6. Do NOT promote any other community here. it will be deleted and marked as spam.
oo7. For icons credit in key words.
oo8. if you dont plan on using what i create, please dont request anything.
Request Forms.
Glittername/text Request form:

Icon Request Form:

Layout request form:

Credit me.
copy and paste this code into your userinfo.
Glittername Credit

Icon Credit

Layout Credit