my idol

this is one pissed off mod

ok the rules clearly state that when you join you need to post your application within 48 hours.
OK? So APPLY when you JOIN!
If it doesnt look like its active, im sorry but it will be, i have to get MY life under control right now, but i WILL be floating around, voting, kicking out, all that

by the way
suggestions for March's theme?

ok so APPLY
my idol

A New Year Brings New Tradition

first and foremost i would like to wish everyone a happy new year

secondly i would like to remind you of the theme posted in the user info, this is worth points, you need to do this
we seem to have a big problem here ; as in we aren't getting any members at all, please put our banner in your userinfo, i will check. You NEED to comment here and show us that you have promoted in at least one place.

third thing is - there WILL be a new layout EVERY MONTH starting Febuary 1st, 2006. We will be starting an icon contest, now i know the first thing ya'll are gonna do is say "I CAN'T MAKE ICONS!" Well, please try, this is an opportunity to express yourselves and to let me see what you all like. This months icon contest is your favorite singer, NOT A BAND OR A MOVIE, SINGER!!! Points have started racking up already, and you CAN get prizes for points, i got to set up a points system still, but the theme is worth 10 points minus the photo, the photo makes it worth 15

points ...
missxkmo_x3 : 10
watch_it_i_bite : 10

♥ the mod.