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i was on the set!

I went to California last week for Spring Vacation with the boyfriend. I originally wanted to do the VIP tour at the Warner Brother's Studio, but I thought it might be too much $ to spend. But then, on one of our last days, the boyfriend convinced me that I really wanted to go. So I went, and the tour was the best! We got to go in the set of the grandparent's house, and saw all the rooms, saw the hallway to Rory and Paris's apartment. We weren't allowed to take pics on that set though :( But, we went through the outside Star's Hollow town, and I got various pictures there. I'm also a HUGE Friends fan, and practically died when we got to go onto the Central Perk set :) It was also a filming day on one of the other sets. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to go onto it. Annnd for your enjoyment, some pictures behind the cut. If you are thinking about taking the tour, it's definetly worth it. The people are very nice and you get to see so much!

Behind the counter at Central Perk!
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Stars Hollow sign :)
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Stars Hollow Town Square
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Kim's Antiques
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Me outside Luke's Diner (Can you tell I was sooooo excited??)
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Inside Luke's Diner
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A close up in the diner... NO CELL PHONES ALLOWED!!
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I loove your icon! Do you remember who made it?

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Great pics, thanks for sharing.
you lucky duck!`=P too bad you couldn't go into luke's apartment upstairs. lols.
I am soooooo jealous :)
that's so amazing! I've been trying to find out how to go on that tour for ages! Do you have to buy tickets?
you can buy tickets in advance, i'm not sure how.Or you can buy them at the WB studios place. There's like a gift shop area where you buy them. It might be better to try to get them in advance, because aparently it is kinda like a first come, first serve basis for tours, meaning even if you show up early in the day, you have a couple hours of wait time before your tour time. Tickets were $40 a person. I don't remember if that was a flat rate for everyday or not.
can you give me the address to the WB studios?
i forgot exactly where it was, so i googled the name. i believe this is accurate.

3400 riverside drive, burbank california 91522
Thanks for the really amazing close-up pictures! It is really interesting to see the set from a different POV!

You look too cute that excited!! ;)