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Hey I'm new.
I just recently got into FCLC and I cant get enough.
Erm. So yeah. I have my own graphics community.
_anime_graphics If anyone wants to check it out.
I've made a crap load o FLCL icons that I'll post here when I get back home.
I've tried downloaded the episodes but they never work. Doesn anyone know where I can download the episodes and they actually work?
For now. I am just another FLCL fan.


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Okay, this is really sad. I expected for at least one person to be here. I mean, FLCL rocks out loud and someone took the time to make this thing. Oh well, Leave the work to me to START THINGS OFF AROUND HERE!

My name’s Adam, I am a fan of just about anything Ginax studio’s does, and I was especially enthralled last week when my box set of Fooly Cooly came in (I only ordered it like a three months ago T_T ) And right now I don’t have much going on. I’ve mostly been working and killing…wait…better choice word use…Obliterating anyone who dares to challenge me in Halo…(they never see me coming)

Well, I’m tired. I’m going to kill some pixels. Catch ya later guys.

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do you find yourself hotter than fire both intellectually and physically? do you find yourself looking for lj friends that have a lot in common with you? are you interested in a fun community that rates based on personality, intelligence as well as looks?
if any of the above applies to you,
at 50+ members, we've refined the community and are now looking for amazing new members.
check us out, apply, get voted in, have fun!


DOes anyone know anything about more episodes being made? I've been hearing things...Well I'm 16/m/palm springs area of southern california. Post people.
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