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___fuck_it's Journal

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This is the Application you must use to apply. PUT EVERYTHING UNDER A LJ CUT!

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.hopesfall., a static lullaby, afi, alexisonfire, alk3, allister, american nightmare, anatomy of a ghost, anberlin, appogee, arizing, armor for sleep, art, as i lay dying, atreyu, aus, autopilot off, benton falls, blink-182, boardwalk, bob marley, boys night out, brand new, brandston, bright eyes, brooklyn, burns out bright, bury your dead, chappell show, charge, claudio sanchez, clothes, coheed and cambria, conor oberst, cool hand luke, copeland, cursive, dane cook, dead poetic, death cab for cutie, deep elm, electronica, elton john, emo, error, every time i die, fall out boy, family guy, feeling left out, few and far between, finch, flordia, freemartin, friends, from autumn to ashes, glassjaw, grade, hawthorne heights, horse the band, ima robot, incubus, indie, jamaica, jets to brazil, joy electric, killswitch engage, lip rings, lipgloss, mae, mall, mars volta, mewithoutyou, midtown, modest mouse, moshing, motion city soundtrack, my chemical romance, new found glory, new york, no doubt, no hollywood ending, nora, norma jean, northstar, peter toh, photoshop, piano, piebald, planes mistaken for stars, poison the well, pretty girls make graves, rainer maria, reggae, relient k, roland, saves the day, screaming, senses fail, shaggy hair, shai hulud, shoes, shopping, silverchair, silverstein, singing, skinny white boys, sleeping, slow coming day, something corporate, sounds like violence, south park, spitalfield, stars, steven lynch, straylight run, sublime, summer, sunny day real estate, synth, taking back sunday, tattoos, the academy is..., the appleseed cast, the beach, the black dahlia murder, the early november, the get up kids, the juliana theory, the killers, the kite-eating tree, the last broadcast, the moon motel, the movielife, the postal service, the stryder, the victim of..., thrice, throwdown, underoath, vacation, walls of jericho, wawa, yellowcard, zao