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Hey.. I know I'm not suppoasta post before I'm accepted but.. I was
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Hey.. I know I'm not suppoasta post before I'm accepted but.. I was <lj-user="cunt_c0re"> so yeah..
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Name: Laura Jean (aka lj)

Age: 15

some good movies are...Pirates of the Carribean, The Breakfast Club, The Goonies, Romeo and Juliet (new one), The Hot Chick

5 bands that rock my world..Throwdown, Embrace today, bane, nfg, sworn enemy

--fact that i dont read too often...catcher in the rye and down a dark hall

I like to go to alot of shows (mostly hxc), hang out, go online and sleep and stuff

Favorite actor:Johnny Depp
Favorite actress:Kate Hudson

Teen sex..my opinion is kinda undecided i mean go for it...just use protection..do you really want to be a mother at like 15??

no drugs or alochol...sxe

pics arnt working to fit the right format...sorry guys
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Well lets see. You guys are obviously retarted.

You see, just because I "accepted" you does not mean that you do not have to fill out the survey. The acceptance only is the potential thing so that you can post your survey and you can be judged. Until you receive a stamp you are not part of ___fuck_it. If you have yet to fill out your god damn survey [anyone minus John] please go do so. And spread the word of this community and I will love you foreverrrrr =]