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Name: Carly Saponari
Age: 16
5 Movies: Rules of Attraction, Life as a House, Donnie Darko, 13 Going on 30, Alice in Wonderland
5 Bands: Brand New, Dashboard, Death Cab for Cutie, The Postal Service, The Unicorns
5 Books: Rules of Attraction, Pure Sunshine, The A List, Gossip Girls, Smack
3 Things you like to do: go to movies, hang out with friends, have fun!
Favorite actor: Johnny Depp
Favorite actress: Jennifer Garner
Teen Sex: if your ready then go for it
Drugs: its your choice do whatever you want.
Drinking: Bad Livers
sXe: Good For You!

At least 2 Pictures of yourself:

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in the green

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