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___friendfinder's Journal

Where Friends Are Formed
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xdist0rtedx - Lesli (AIM and E-mail)

i_cantmydarling - Lara (AIM and E-mail)


This is a community in which people can come, post the application and get new friends to add to their list. Sure, you may think this is just another community for friends. Maybe it is. But it's worth a shot if you find someone you add as a friend that you can really connect with. Make sure to follow the rules and new members are always welcome. Be sure to tell your friends to keep the community alive!

[oo1] Must be 13+ Also, in your userinfo you must have the promotion banner or I will not accept your application. Here is the banner..

[oo2] This is a place to find friends, obviously, i am going to be selective. There is an application to fill out. I am doing this to make sure that the friends you make actually do comment and update. People are not going to always like you. If you can't stand the feeling of rejection then don't try out.
[oo3] I will post the accepted or rejected stamps after 48 hours. If I haven't by that time and you ask if you're accepted or not, I will automatically reject you. I have a life too and sometimes I cannot get around stamping all the time.
[oo4] Please answer all the questions honestly. Don't try to pretend your someone your not.
[oo5] You must add the Mod/Mods to your friends list so we know if you actually do comment and read.
[oo6] You must update frequently
[oo7] Please put the questions in bold. It makes it easier for the voters to read your answers that way.
[oo8] You may argue with a stamped member's vote. It will make you look like an ass but don't cause a huge brawl over it and don't be rude or mean to the stamped voters. Just keep one thing in mind: Save the drama for your mama.
[oo9] If you're posting your application type in the subject "I'm lonely, be my friend” so I know you read the rules.
[o10] Do not go to my journal and comment with questions about the community. If you have questions then e-mail me or IM me otherwise do not comment on my journal.
[o11] You must be a stamped member to vote.
[o12] If you want to be accepted i suggest you spend more that 2 minutes on your application
[o13] the voting will be over in 24 hours or less and you must have the majority be 'yes'

[o14] Comment with a simple yes or no. You may say why you did or did not like the application but try not to be too rude to them. Also, you can also say “I am undecided tell me something that’ll help me make a decision”
[o15] You may post pictures but please use an LJ-Cut when posting pictures.
[o16] If you're going to make a post in the heading put "Stamped"
[o17] If you vote then change your answer your vote will not be counted.
[o18] Please put your votes in bold. It makes it easier for me to count up all the votes that way. You can also put your vote into the heading of the comment.
[o19] you must be active in the community or you will be auto-rejected.
[o20] You must be a stamped member to vote.
[o21] If you are stamped and you want to ask a question you can post it in my journal and i will answer as soon as possible

No AdVeRtIsInG




-Where you live:

-What do you think is the one thing that is the best about your personality and why:

-Put a song lyric or an entire song that best describes you here:

-What is the most romantic thing that has ever happened to you:

-A lot of teens today face problems with eating disorders. Is the media to blame?

-What is your proudest moment:

-What is your most embarrassing story:

-What are your thoughts on...
*Bush winning his 2nd term:
*Premarital sex:
*Same sex marriage:

-Make up a question and answer it yourself:

-Where did you find out about ___friendfinder

-What makes you think that you should be accepted to ___friendfinder

-Place your pictures here (optional)

you will receive one of these on your first entry (your application)