hello everyone

Hi, I just joined the group.  It is nice to finally find a group of women who are the same height as me!  It's refreshing.  I am not exactly sure what to post today... 
I'll figure it out.  Hope everyone has a good day, take care.
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Looking for Friends

Looking for new friends to help motivate. I'd prefer people in the same boat as me. If you add me, I'll add you, and comment often.

Height: 5'9"
CW: 187
HW: 192
LW: 117
GW: 140

I recently gained a shit ton of weight and I'm in the process of losing it all. I don't want to be as thin as I was three years ago (117) but I don't want to be this heavy. I'm doing it in a relatively unhealthy way (lots of restricting) but as I get closer to my goal I plan to eat more fruits and veggies and exercise. Below the cut is a picture at my thinnest (117). I can't seem to find any other pics for now, but will be taking progress pics as I go. This pic is how I don't want to look...but it's closer to my ideal than I am now.

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I like this community bcuz all the others have girls who are 5'1 under 100 pounds so it makes me feel really fat since I'm 120. I'm trying to fast today; my boyfriend and I were watchin TV yesterday and he saw a girl in a commercial and said, "Man, she's skinny." Then he poked my thigh and said "I'm glad you aren't like that." Uugghh it made me so mad cuz Ive been trying so hard to lose weight.

Im at my lowest wt: 120. My goal is to lose six more lbs this month to be 114. I took pics this morning. tell me what u think; what can I improve? Any tips for losing the last six quickly?

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goals and pic

Hi, I'm new here. i'm 21 yrs old.

height: 5'9
HW: 151
CW: 121
LW: 121
GW1: 118 by Sept. 20
GW2: 115 by Oct. 20

I'm currently at my lowest wt since like middle school. I took a picture this morning. sooo tell me what u gurls think.

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Hi everyone, I'm just saying hello. :D My name is Megan.
These are my statistics:

5'9" (duh)
CW: 129
HW: 143
LW: 120
GW: 118

I hope to meet you all and have super duper fun~

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I need to lose 030 pounds...
By.... august 31st.
Preferrably more.
This will be in the 115-120 range.
Slightly prettier.
If I keep up with my exercise it will look a lot nicer than 115 pounds of body fat.
I hope I will gain a gap.
This is a beatiful dream.
Mother encouraged me to stop losing weight today.
She says I'm perfect right now.
I disagree && I refuse.
I am not pleased yet.
Today is 4.
Yesterday I had 40 extra calories.
Stupid drunktard.
But I didn't get stoner pangs.
Just chilled which was good.
I already had all 400.
Stupid jeremy&&his fucking bagel.
I only wanted half.
135 not 270.
So much more agreeable.
I can't have him//anyone else finding out.
It'd be a disasterpiece.
I want this for me && me alone.
I think I deserve a little something for me.
20 years of fatness was a pretty hefty price to pay so dearly.
It's my turn to shine&&be something beautiful.
Full of splendor...
A matchstick body.
Skeletal && an epic piece of art.
Thirty pounds...
Then it's a 15 pound race to dreamland.
Nothing Hurts

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...does anyone else get russell signs on the wrong hand?
I use my left hand, have for about 6 years now. So, naturally, the two middle knuckles on my right hand are calloused, red, and bleedy. -.-

i scream, you scream

we all scream for ice cream!
i am eating ice cream, it is delicious!
delicious, and i will keep thinking about how delicious it is, because i just want to enjoy a bowl of ice cream.
its summer
and i like ice cream.
one more time
effing delicious.