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Okay so as promised I deleted everyone for the lack of activity if you would like to re join please comment here. If you are new and haven't applied please do so in the friends only post!
Also if you want to be re added please click join this community so I can add you more quickly and so its less work for me to do. :)

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Read all the rules, If you don't I will know
Have fun and post often

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weird question...

I hope no one minds me asking this:

Does anyone here ever miss their period a lot?...i first got mine in 5th grade and its almost always been unregular...but now Ive missed like 3 months and its kind of scaring me. (And I'm not starving) Does this happen to anyone else?

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Hey, im sorry i went mia, i kind of got messed up, but starting tomarow night at 10 im going on a 7 day fast, does anyone want to join?
my e mails are theblacksheep_kink@yaho,com and
thanks : )

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Things arent going so well. Ive been having alot of fun lately. But the fun is costing me and making me very unhappy. I am putting myself on a huge restriction. Any ideas? Well Im not in a talking mood.
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pissed of at myself

OMG! MY slef control went out the window today I am so freakin pissed! at myself of course! I ate a 6in subway sweet onion chicken terocki plain! Then I had not one, not two, but three of my mom's homade brownies! gah I want to throw up! I would kill just for one day to be able to throw up! LIFE SUCKS BEING FAT! I think im gonna go cry!
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