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♥ ;; This is a BRAND NEW selling/tradding/bidding community made by me, Courtney (_wehaveadreamer), just for you.

♥ ;; This community to open to anyone and everyone (minus serious El Jay drama). There are only a few rules to follow, and a lot of fun to have.

♥ ;; 1.) ABSOLUTELY NO Deadbeats or Frauds. If there are any. You will be reported to Live Journal and banned from the community. It's as simple as that.
♥ ;; 2.) Large post/posts with pictures must be placed in a LJ cut. (If you don't know how to make an LJ cut, ask me and I'll be glad to teach you)
♥ ;; 3.) You can make your own rules as to how you want to be paid/shipping & handling, whatever. But I will not be taken responsible for any mistakes.
♥ ;; 4.) Be nice. Everyone should be able to get along. This is not a place to bring El Jay bitchiness and drama. Let's just have fun.
♥ ;; 5.) You must introduce yourself with the below application. This helps everyone to know who you are and what you like/dislike. (It helps all get along better)
♥ ;; 6.) HAVE FUN!

♥ Name:
♥ Age:
♥ Location:
♥ Hobbies:
♥ Favorite Stores:
♥ Style:
♥ 1(+) Decent Picture(s):
(Please place your picture(s) behind an LJ cut. The cut must read: "EYE BEE, in my sexy jeans")


(Please upload the promotion picture to your own server. I don't have much space on my photobucket. Thank you!)