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casa del mar -- baja/cabo, mexico

Things change, but beauty remains down in Los Cabos

Is there serenity in the midst of the busy tip of Baja? There is, if you know where to find it.

The newish toll road from the Los Cabos airport to the Corridor is a marvelous shortcut past rolling hills covered in cactuses and boulders. During a recent quick getaway, I chatted happily with a fellow passenger and was merrily raving about the sushi at Nik-San when the road ended at the entrance to San José del Cabo.

"Goodness gracious, what in the world could that be?" I cried (a rough translation of my Spanish exclamation). We faced a massive, humongous brown building behind a vast black parking lot. I spotted a patch of blue sea beyond a sidewalk as we sped by. Commercial Mexicana, a grocery store chain, had claimed the prime entryway to the San José hotel zone. Ah yes, I was back in Los Cabos...

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why posted here? we're looking for possible vacation spots. this one's on the list. & comes with recommendations.

pretty, no? ; )~

Amsterdam Christmas

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Merry Xmas everyone and Happy Holidays. :)

Amsterdam is always worth a trip but it's especially nice in this season.


Christmas in Amsterdam is truly a season of celebration, whether or not you celebrate the day itself in its traditional, religious sense.

The Dutch holiday season started weeks ago, November 14, with the arrival of Sinterklaas and all his Zwarte Pieten (Black Peters). The story says that naughty children will be whisked off to SPAIN by these helpers of Sinterklaas, but there were no signs of missing children on the day of the parade. The Pieten received far more attention from the throngs of children than did the Sint himself, perched atop his white horse (perhaps this was due to the fact that they carried candy and cookies, which they gave out to the children by the handful!).

The celebrations continued on the weekend of 5 December, when Sinterklaas (originally the holy day of Sint Nicholaas) is celebrated each year. On the eve of the 5 December, the children leave their boots by the fireplace, hoping to wake up to find them filled with sweets. On the day itself, families gathered to exchange gifts and (traditionally) insulting poems and to eat lavish holiday meals.

For visitors to the city, who are more used to the Anglo-American Christmas held on the 24 and 25 December, there is till plenty of fun left to be had. Although the majority of Dutch people have adopted similar traditions of gift exchange and family celebrations during this time, many businesses remain open. Tourists are a welcome sight in the city any time of year, and businesses have learned to cater to the many that choose to spend their Christmas holidays here.

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