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casa del mar -- baja/cabo, mexico

Things change, but beauty remains down in Los Cabos

Is there serenity in the midst of the busy tip of Baja? There is, if you know where to find it.

The newish toll road from the Los Cabos airport to the Corridor is a marvelous shortcut past rolling hills covered in cactuses and boulders. During a recent quick getaway, I chatted happily with a fellow passenger and was merrily raving about the sushi at Nik-San when the road ended at the entrance to San José del Cabo.

"Goodness gracious, what in the world could that be?" I cried (a rough translation of my Spanish exclamation). We faced a massive, humongous brown building behind a vast black parking lot. I spotted a patch of blue sea beyond a sidewalk as we sped by. Commercial Mexicana, a grocery store chain, had claimed the prime entryway to the San José hotel zone. Ah yes, I was back in Los Cabos...

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why posted here? we're looking for possible vacation spots. this one's on the list. & comes with recommendations.

pretty, no? ; )~

Kempinski Resort Saint John, Mykonos, Greece

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The Kempinski Resort Saint John on the Greek Island of Mykonos.

Hotels and villas of this kind can be found in many places around the Med but the pool area is quite unique so the Saint John's definitely deserves a closer look. Mykonos itself is beautiful, as most of the Greek Islands, and is said to have the best nightlife of the isles.

From the hotel's website:
The newly built Kempinski Resort Saint John is a 5-star deluxe complex of Superior rooms & Suites, Villas and Standard hotel rooms. The resort extends on 20,000 sqm of land in the area of Agios Ioannis, in one of the best locations on the island.

Saint John offers a variety of 136 rooms, 9 suites and 6 villas -equipped with their private swimming pool- to choose from. Among Saint John's prominent characteristics are the privately owned 200 meter long beach and the 2,000 sqm pool area which includes 600 sqm of swimming pools.

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